I Have The Flu! Should I See A Doctor?

A common phrase at your places of work goes, should I see a doctor. There is a perception that it is mostly students who download fake notes which is just so untrue. A lot of people at their places of work do find them as being of great help when push comes to shove. Although the exact circumstances may be different, there are a lot of people who do put a in a lot of effort at their places of work, however, they might not have the resources to afford to pay the bill if they were to visit the doctor. It is a common fact that the cost of health care has always been on an upward rise. On the other hand work ethic rules and regulations are also becoming stricter, leading more and more people find it more convenient to use doctor notes.

A good number of such employees rather take the risk of downloading a cheap fake doctor note that will be the most economical option. It is definitely not something mature for you to do, but a majority if not everyone has done something of the sort during their lifetime.


When a person at the workplace catches the flu or the common cold as referenced by others, the individual would have a very low desire of having to visit a doctor for examination. It is agreeable that the flu will interfere with their performance at work, but most will still consider having to visit an expense of having to visit a doctor for that to be on the extreme. A common phrase that you will expectedly hear such a worker say is that all they need is a day off to get back in shape.

Pick the right day to submit your fake doctor note. The final day before the weekend is always a good idea as your day off will be extended by an extra day or two giving you ample time to relax. At the mean time you can send someone out to a nearby pharmacy for the respective medical drugs you are familiar with. This proves to a very cost effective undertaking. An employee will always find it better to avoid visiting a doctor when it comes to infections that are recurrent and require no form of serious treatment. A doctor will submit the employee to vigorous tests, some of which might be unnecessary and all this will be quite costly.

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The fake note should be properly drafted to avoid frequently overlooked details such as the undisputed authenticity of the forged medical practitioners’ part of the signature. It is the most important part first looked at when trying to gauge the authenticity of the document. Another area of concern is that the reason listed should be quite simple and straightforward.

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